Justin Herrin
Developer, designer, consultant. College instructor. Joomla! enthusiast.

About Justin

Hi there. I'm Justin, a NH-based professional web developer with several years of experience across all major platforms.

I have a love for clean code, clean (and of course usable) interfaces, responsive design, and the Joomla! Content Management System (it does rock after all!). Having the opportunity to speak to others about my passions — whether in the classroom or at conferences — is a great feeling. Toss in a knack for photography, a dose of Metallica, and some Mountain Dew and you've got me hooked.

Some other things to consider:

  • Vacations are a must. Mostly to the mountains of Colorado.
  • There is never "too much" ice cream.
  • Seeing Metallica perform 3 times a year isn't enough.
  • Losing Glenn and Abraham on #TWD Season 7 opener was rough.
Justin Herrin

Professional Skills

Joomla! CMS | 10 out of 10

Hands down my favorite Content Management System. Whether a simple core installation or a customized layout with custom extensions is needed, working with Joomla! has never been an issue. Over 10 years of experience with the platform.

HTML & CSS | 10 out of 10

Been working with both HTML & CSS since my high school days (talking early 2000s here), and wouldn't have it any other way. Loving the new HTML5 elements and CSS3 tricks and techniques!

PHP | 7 out of 10

My first choice for a dynamic coding language. Love its ease of use and ability to quickly code whatever it is you may happen to need. Remember to always support the open source community!

JavaScript & jQuery | 6.5 out of 10

Ah the lovely way to make things interactive. Always love pushing the envelope to bring functionality and general excitement to web visitors.

MySQL | 8 out of 10

The backbone to any CMS-driven website. It's hard to not dive into MySQL and get your hands dirty when setting up any new web project.

SEO & Marketing | 7.5 out of 10

Been writing content (both for the web and print) and meta tags for many years now. Is it my favorite thing to do? No, definitely not. But in a pinch, I can tackle whatever is needed.

The above is just a small sampling of the skillsets that I have picked up and improved on over the years. Please view the complete list of my skills and experience on my LinkedIn page.

Speaker Engagements

Contributing to the web community is incredibly important to me. This is why I love speaking at local meet-ups, conferences, and classrooms full of students. In the past I've spoken at the international J and Beyond Conference, national Joomla! Day events, and attended many others.

See Past Slides & Videos

Photo courtesy of Joomla! World Conference.

Recent Work

Below you will find some of the most recent projects that I've had the pleasure of working on.

See more on my LinkedIn Page

Photographic Samples

I love shooting scenery, especially mountains and lakes. Every now and then some other items will appear to be worthy of at least an iPhone snap.

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